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MIKE is a bluegrass musician at heart. You can hear his love for bluegrass when he plays the banjo. He developed his style from his favorite banjo pickers, Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, Sonny Osborne, and good friend, Danny Nimphius. Mike's been playing for over 35 years and still devotes himself to daily practice. Besides playing with KR Bluegrass, you'll find him jamming with other musicians as he loves playing whether it's paid or not. 

Mike hosts a bluegrass jam every Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm at Marty's Restaurant in Waterford WI.

You can usually find him at gigs and open jams all around Wisconsin. Mike's hobbies include gun collecting, hunting, fishing, and taxidermy, specializing in birds. He is single, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lives with Rocky, an African Gray parrot.



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